Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Need You [Chad, UHW staffer]

I Need You...

I put Sam on the bus for his first day of school;
I peeked in the door and kinda felt like a fool;
As I blindly entrusted the driver which I never knew;
And realized deeply… Mr. Driver, I need you…

Sam arrived at school that day ready to roll;
I saw the teacher at the door taking toll;
Each one welcomed, and then right through;
I realized deeply, Ms. Door Person, I need you…

He strutted his way to his locker at the 1st grade;
A new friend in the hall on his way to class he made;
Where did this kid come from… his parents are WHO?
And I realized deeply, Kid’s parents… I need you…

Then off to class ready to learn and get some knowledge,
Sammy sat at his desk and his attention did pledge;
All day long, to a man I barely even knew;
And I became keenly aware… Mr. F… I need you…

Then we gathered again at the great Loring School;
As parents to connect and our knowledge pool;
In a thing called CPEO, to teach and encourage parents too;
Where together I realized, fellow parents, I need you…

All our kids ready for college is the Promise we make;
No child will we allow those damn prisons to take;
Whatever it Takes, is what we must do;
And then it dawned on me, which may stink for you…
but, you need me too.